Yearly Services
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Ridgebury Township - Yearly Services
Ridgebury Township offers some yearly services which include spring cleanup, dust control and cinders for
resident's side-walks and drive-ways.  Check the table below for the services offered, and check the local
news paper and our calendar for when these services become scheduled and available.
Service Offered
Service Detail and Description
Ridgebury Clean-Up
Day(s) - Spring and Fall
Scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Provides residents with the opportunity to get
rid of unwanted junk or clutter from around their homes at no cost to our
Click on the "items allowed" link for a listing of items that residents
can dispose of during clean-up days.              --->
Items Allowed <---
Dust Control
Late Spring to Early Summer.  Residents living on township dirt roads are
offered a dust controlling oil or other dust control materials that they can buy
from the township for the purpose to reduce the amount of dust caused from
road traffic.  Residents buy the dust control material from the township, and the
township provides the service of spreading the material on their road.  The cost
of the specific material may vary depending on the type and quantities of
material that are available.
During the winter months the township buys a limited supply of cinders and
makes them available for township residents for use on their drive-ways and
side-walks.  There is no cost to the resident, but we ask that you limit the
quantity of cinders to (2) two 30 gallon containers per resident homes.  This
service is not offered to anyone outside our township, and does not apply to
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