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Ridgebury Township - Township's On-Line Store
Our township On-Line Store offers residents the ability to perform on-line purchases of township related
items, such as private road signs, annual dust control and offers the ability to sell items where profits will
benefit township and /or community programs.  Benefit items would have to be identified and approved
before any such item would be posted on the township's on-line store.
  E-Mail Ridgebury Township Office
Berwick Turnpike
Gillett, Pa 16925

Ph:- (570) 596-2731
Fx: - (570) 596-7731
Select (8-inch) Road Sign and Accessories
Road Signs are 8 inches with lettering on
both sides.
 Orders are to be picked up at the
Township Office once being notified of availability.
2013 Dust Control (oil /PennDot Approved)
Possible benefit items we could consider
Ridgebury T-Shirts
Ridgebury Ball Hats
Ridgebury Coffee Mugs
Ridgebury Mouse Pads
Sample road / street sign
Ridgebury Community Park Donation
Using Paypal
Make a Donation
  E-Mail Ridgebury Township Office
E-Mail us your benefit ideas to
benefit township & community
This option will be available for the 2013 dust control year.  
Residents will be able to purchase their annual dust oil
on-line using a credit card, using paypal.
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