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Ridgebury Township - Township - Tax Information
Ridgebury Township is in the Bradford County, Athens Area School Taxing District.  Ridgebury Township's  
Tax Collector for 2012 is
Judy Walsh.  Listed below is the specific tax information for our township.
Ridgebury Township - Taxes
USPS Mail your taxes to:
Real Estate Tax
Fire Tax
Equipment Fund
Occupation Tax
Per Person
Per Capita Tax
Per Person
Earned Income Tax
Occupation Tax Exoneration                                           Tax Exoneration Form (pdf)

You may be exempt from the Occupation Tax if one of the following situations applies to your previous year’s status:

1.        You earned less than $3,500
2.        You were: a Housewife, College Student, Unemployed or Retired (but not yet 65 years of age)
3.        You were retired, age 65 or older and received no earned income
4.        You were a disabled person unable to work

To be considered for this Exoneration, please complete the form (click on Tax Exoneration Form) above and send it to the
postal address above, Ridgebury Township - Taxes, or e-mail to (  ).
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Contact Judy Walsh directly at:
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