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Ridgebury Township - Township - Road Crew
Ridgebury Township employs (3) three full time road crew members, and has authorized (5) five per-diem
part time positions to be called on when extra crew members are needed due to weather conditions and /or
a higher than normal demand in work that has to be completed.

Ridgebury Township consists of 86.52 miles of road-ways. Our Ridgebury Township Road Crew is
responsible for the maintenance of 60.04 miles of Township roads, and the remaining 26.48 miles of roads
are maintained by the state, Penn DOT.  Ridgebury Township is 38.3 square miles.

The Township Supervisors conduct weekly meetings with the road crew to prioritize work and develop a
weekly schedule that the road crew foreman executes and is accountable for. This schedule will be updated
and is available by clicking the "
Road Crew Schedule" link below and to the right.
Ridgebury Township's Road Crew - (570) 596-2671
-  Road Foreman
Crew Member(s) -
Paul Warren  -  
Road Crew Schedule
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