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Ridgebury Township - Township - Recycling
Ridgebury Township offers a recycling facility located at the Ridgebury Township Garage parking lot on the
first (1st) Saturday of each month from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  The following table gives you a list of the
materials that may be recycled using this facility.
Acceptable Items
Required Preparations
Aluminum Soda Cans
Empty cans. Crushing is optional
Glass Bottles & Jars
Bottles and jars only. Separate by color; clear, brown & green. Remove
lids and rings. Rinse well, labels can remain.
DO NOT include ceramic
dishes, cookware, window glass or light bulbs.
Colored and black newsprint are acceptable. Leave all inserts. Don't mix
other paper and keep dry. Newspaper will be dumped loose into
Steel or Tin Cans
Clean food cans well, secure lids inside. Labels can remain.
Plastic Bottles / Water & Soda
Bottles Milk Jugs, Laundry Jugs
Rinse well, labels can remain, remove lids. No lawn chairs, buckets, vinyl
siding, plastic bags, styrofoam.
Magazines & catalogs only. No mixed paper or junk mail. Bag or bundle.
Corrugated Cardboard
Cardboard boxes with corrugated layers. NO cereal, tissue or
non-corrugated pizza boxes.
Materials "not" properly prepared will "not" be accepted
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