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Township Meetings:  Ridgebury's Board Of Supervisors hold monthly township meetings on the first
Tuesday of each month, 7:00PM.  These meetings are scheduled, then advertised at the beginning of the
year in the local newspaper, and posted on this web-sites calendar. Meetings are held at the Ridgebury
Township Office building, conference room, and are open to the public. The Board of Supervisors invite you
to come and participate.  The table below lists the approved / accepted meeting minutes available from past
monthly meetings so you can stay informed on what is happening in your township and community.
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(  *  ) = Minutes Available
(  SM  ) = Special Meeting
Archived Meeting Minutes
Archived meeting minutes will
open in a new browser window. To
view more minutes, simply close
the open browser window.
To retrieve archived minutes, from
the drop-down menu list select the
meeting for the date listed you
want, then click to retrieve the
meeting minutes.
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