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Ridgebury Township - Township - Emergency Management
Ridgebury Township's Emergency Management Coordinator operates according to a written Emergency
Operations Plan.  The steps of this plan are co-ordinated through the Emergency Management
Coordinator.  The Bradford County Emergency Center can be contacted at:
(570) 265-5022.

Some of the vast responsibilities of the Emergency Management Coordinator are:

  • keeping the Emergency Operations Plan current and up-to-date
  • initating & maintaining communication /coordination with County's Emergency Management Agency
  • identifying hazards that may affect the municipality
  • identifying resources within the municipality
  • developing and maintaining the Emergency Management Organization
  • mobilizing and coordinating emergency management staff
  • developing and maintaining the standard operating procedures
Tammi Talada - Ridgebury Township EMA Coordinator
Tammi Talada - Phone: (570) 596- 3659 - Cell: (570) 423-0552
Percy Talada - Deputy EMA - Cell: (570) 423-0267
E-Mail:  Ridgebury's EMA Contacts
Ridgebury Township Emergency Operations Plan Documents
Notification and Resources Manual - Hard Copy Manual
Emergency Operations Plan - Hard Copy Manual
Operations Plan - Functional Check Lists
Red Cross Contacts and Responsibilities
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