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Community - Ridgebury Cub & Girl Scouts
Ridgebury has scouting troops for both girls and boys.  Each year our scouts hold a community road-side
cleanup day where they pick-up road-side garbage from many of the roads with-in the township in an effort
to keep our community clean and free of road-side debris.  If you would like to volunteer to help our scouts
and /or the scout leaders please contact one of the scout leaders below.  If you have children that might
like to join one of the troops be sure to sign them up with one of the troop leaders.
Scouting Branch
Scout Leader & Contact
Phone #
E-Mail Address
Cub Scouts 4022
Jamie Swetland - C#: 607-624-9916
(570) 596-4418
Girl Scouts
Julie Kitchin
(570) 596-2924
2011 Road Clean-up
2011 Road Clean-up
  E-Mail Ridgebury Township Office
Berwick Turnpike
Gillett, Pa 16925

Ph:- (570) 596-2731
Fx: - (570) 596-7731
May 2012 Hike
Ridgebury Spring 2012 Road Clean-up
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