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Ridgebury Township - Township - Auditors Information
Ridgebury Township is audited on a yearly basis by three elected auditors. Auditors are elected at the municipal township
elections and are elected to serve a term of six years.  If an auditor position becomes vacant due to resignation, or other
reasons, the Board of Supervisors appoint someone to fill that position during one of the monthly township public meetings.

Auditors examine the township's accounting records and practices each year, and are required to perform additional audits
when there's changes in key township staff positions.  Upon completion of the audit, the auditors file copies of their report with
the Township Secretary, Clerk of Court, Department of Community and Economic Development, and Department of
Transportaion.  The auditors then publish a financial statement in the local newspaper.  

Ridgebury will by using an independant CPA again for 2015 to audit the 2014 township financials.  The locally elected
auditors will not perform any auditing functions or have any role in the audit.  This audit will be performed by the CPA.
The Primary Purpose of Auditing:  Auditors examine the accounting records and accounting practices of
the organization or agency under review to enable them to express an informed opinion as to whether or not
the balance sheet and the statement of revenues and expenditures prepared from the books and records
present fairly the financial position and the results of operations of the municipality, and whether the
municipality complied with applicable laws and regulations.

Independent reviews by the auditors include judgments as to facts, supporting evidence, and adherence to
generally accepted accounting principles applied consistently from year to year.  In addition to these broad
assignments, the auditor should be alert to possible irregularities and fraud, as well as weaknesses in
internal control. It is important for the auditor to inform the responsible officials about such weaknesses
when they are discovered.
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