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  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Emergency Services
Household Statistics
Statistics Values
Bentley Creek
Ridgebury Vol. Fire Company
Median Housing Values
$ 71,000
Tri Township Ambulance
Median Rent
$ 440
Pa. State Police - Towanda
Per Capita Income
$ 15,901
School District
Tax Millage
Median Family Income
$ 40,144
Athens Area School District
% Population Below Poverty
14 %
About Us:    Ridgebury Township is predominately an agricultural area, and
includes the villages of Bentley Creek, Centerville and Middletown.  A small town
rural setting with lots of nice benefits.  Several lakes within the township are now
popular places to live. A Community Park located along Bentley Creek open to the
public from dawn to dusk, equipped with baseball fields, a children's playground,
and a picnic and grilling area. The township has three churchs which includes the
Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church, First Baptist Church of Bentley Creek and Our
Lady of Perpetual Help.
Population Demographics
Demographics Values
Public Utilities
FEMA Community Panel #
Total Population
420173 0020 C
% Population Under 18
26.1 %
Tri-County Rural Electric
% Population Over 65
13.3 %
PPL Gas Utilities
% High School Graduates
78.3 %
Frontier Communications
% Higher Education Grads
12.2 %
North Penn Telephone
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